Maintaining your ski bases and edges is a critical component to having an enjoyable ski day. Village Ski Hut offers the highest quality tunes available as we have the only computer-programmable Wintersteiger stone machine and edger in south-eastern BC.

Specialty Tune Full Tune plus hand finishing to your specifications   By Estimate

Full Tune  Minor base fill, base grind, base bevel, edge bevel, stone grind, hot wax    $50

Jr Full Tune Skis under 150cm    $40

Touch Tune Side edge grind + bevel and hot wax    $35

Jr Touch Tune Skis under 150cm   $25

Hot Wax       $20

Base Patch   SM $30   MD $40 LG $50

P-TEX      By Estimate



Your boots are one of the most important parts of your skiing and we know this well. We strive to get our customers in boots that fit them perfectly. Comfortable feet means more vertical. Don't you want to ski more?

The purchase of any regular priced ski boot includes the first initial fit (including any extra fitting aids or modifications), and any subsequent fits within the first season of purchase.

All fitting aids or materials are discounted 20% after the initial fit for the first season.


Basic Footbed Includes footbed selection, and install    $60 

Custom Footbed Includes footbed selection and sizing, fitting and install   $100+

Oven Fit- liners only  $20

Oven Fit - shells only   $50

Buckle replacement    $25

Shell Punch (per punch)   $20

Shims/Heel lift (per pair)   $15

Wrap-around pads/L-pads (per pair)  $20



Village Ski Hut is proud to offer the Fischer Vacuum and Scan. This technology makes it possible to assess the customers foot anatomy, narrow down boot options based on this data, and adapt the shell of Fischer ski boots completely to the anatomy of your foot.

3D scan Full scan, boot assessment and fitting     $75

Vacuum Fit Heating of shells, padding, vacuum process, and minor adjustments    $100

3D Scan + Vacuum fit   $125

Vacuum re-fit  (A secondary fitting done after initial fit by us)   $50



Full-Mount/Re-mount Adult & JR (no equipment purchase)  $50

With 1 ski, boot or binding purchase- 25% discount on mount

With 2 ski, boot or binding purchases- 50% discount on mount

Binding Adjust    $20

Adult/JR pre-mounted packages (rail system)   $20